Holtzbrinck Digital

Holtzbrinck Digital is the Internet holdings arm of the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group. Home to a range of top Internet brands, it is one of Germany’s leading Internet investors.

Holtzbrinck Digital focuses on three business areas: Digital Publishing, Marketplaces and eLearning.

Holtzbrinck Digital serves as a strategic management holding company taking a hands-on approach to managing and developing its portfolio of leading, fast-growing Internet firms.

When selecting partners, Holtzbrinck Digital focuses on companies which are market leaders and have tried-and-tested business models that, as an investor with a long-term outlook and a wealth of expertise, Holtzbrinck Digital can help to develop and grow. The objective of Holtzbrinck Digital’s investment strategy is not to turn over a quick profit, but to work together with its holdings to generate long-term success.

Holtzbrinck Digital also invests in innovative startups with novel ideas and business models. It focuses on firms whose activities correspond to the core business areas of the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group and who offer potential synergies with the companies in the existing portfolio.

Our brands

Holtzbrinck Digital brands are among the leading in their respective business areas and markets. The existing brand portfolio of Holtzbrinck Digital is divided as follows:

Digital Publishing

The Digital Publishing unit comprises all content and advice portals ranging from user-generated content to specialist editorials. This includes the portals gutefrage.net, cosmiq, helpster and Netdoktor. The advice and purchase decision services offered by Global Leads Group, which focuses on the Russian, Brazilian, Mexican, Spanish and Italian markets, also form part of our Digital Publishing unit.

Last but not least, with self-publishing platform ePubli and Searchmetrics, a global provider of tools for content and search engine optimisation, Digital Publishing offers you the services you need for the creation of high-quality content.



The Marketplaces business unit consists of a range of intermediary platforms, including online dating portal Parship, as well as, MyHammer, a portal for finding tradespeople and service providers. The segment is also home to Toptarif, which allows users to compare pricing and models for energy providers, financial services and insurance.

PARSHIP is one of the leading online matchmaker for single people with high standards in Germany and across Europe. With the help of a scientific process, the PARSHIP-Principle, tried and tested across many years, PARSHIP offers a personalised service and a safe environment for successful, genuine matchmaking, so that in average every 11 Minutes a Single falls in love with another on the plattform.

MyHammer is the leading portal for finding tradesmen and service providers. MyHammer is a mainly consumer oriented online portal for qualified and rated craftsmen. It covers all services in the field of home and gardening, ranging from construction, simple repairs, renovations to relocations.



In the form of Tutoria, the eLearning segment offers comprehensive one-to-one tutoring services.

Tutoria offers Germany’s most comprehensive online service for tutoring. On the platform parents, pupils and students can quickly and easily find qualified tutors nearby who were assessed by Tutoria on the basis of a number of criteria. The lessons are arranged through the website and always take place in terms of private tutoring lessons at the teacher’s or student’s home. Additionally, Tutoria is seeing to achieve the best support of the learning process through the use of special care through its own team of educators and school psychiatrists as well as selected eLearning applications, including the electronic learning progress report.

Patience serves as a technology provider with a software as a service platform that allows teachers, service providers, small and medium-sized educational institutions and SMEs to offer and publish educational services in the digital world. This is based on a ease of use approach and supported by online marketing features to reach the respective audience in a simple way to market.

bettermarks offers more than 100 interactive math books, with over 100.000 exercises covering grades 4 to 10. With bettermarks, for every single exercise help is available – including a detailed solution approach with correct numbers – so that a full comprehension of the solution way is ensured.



Services incorporates a variety of independent service companies, which provide diverse Business 2 Business solutions in the areas of scalable Web solutions, marketing and commercial services. Currently these include: devbliss, Refined Labs, mailandsale, LocalPerformance and performance network.


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Munich, Germany

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AG Munich HRB 165063

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